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Stop Losing Customers From Missed Callers

May 02, 20232 min read

NEVER Miss A Business Call Again

Without Spending More Time On Your Phone

Missed phone calls can take a very negative toll on a coaching business, or any business for that matter. It’s impossible to answer the phone every time. The number of spam callers has gone through the roof, which adds in the uncertainty of who’s calling. Some people have decided not to answer any numbers they don’t know, which just doesn’t make sense for a coach or business.

If someone is taking their time to call us, we need to step up and answer their call OR get back to them in some way, immediately! 

In one study by BT Business, it was found that 85% of customers whose calls were not answered would not call back, and 75% of customers would take their business elsewhere if they did not receive a response to their call. That’s a lot of missed potential and revenue!

Fortunately, there is a relatively new solution that can solve this problem, and that’s easy to implement. It’s called missed call text back.

Imagine a potential client calling you. You’re busy working with another client, or simply not able to answer your phone. They don’t leave a message. Then what? 

Maybe you awkwardly call them back, with a “hi, I just had a missed call”…and hope for the best.

OR what about this: Knowing that only 1 in 5 callers will try more than once if their call isn't answered. You set up missed call text back on your business line. They still don’t leave a message, but immediately receive a text from you. Something telling them that you know they called, you can’t answer but will get back as soon as they can. And, asking them if there’s something you can help them with over text! 

This may not be the same as answering the call live, but it’s a very close second. Not to mention that it will act as a screen for the scam calls. Big plus!

In the old days, just a couple of years ago, the answer to the missed call issue would be to hire an assistant or receptionist. Not anymore. Missed call text back is more reliable, works 24/7 and is dirt cheap.

This is one of the best kept secret tools that can transform your business and increase appointments, automatically.

Visit www.highbrandonline.com to get a free trial.

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